Sunday, 5 May 2013

Avon SuperShock in Black vs. Stila Stingray

A second comparison for those of you who happen to have stumbled upon my corner of the internet this fine day...

So, how does Avon's coveted SuperShock eyeliner in black stock up to my favourite black eyeliner: Stila Stingray?

Swatched next to each other you can see that both are really good black eyeliners, strong colour, creamy and very pigmented (pics are one pass!).

Left - Right: Avon SuperShock black, Stila Stingray
Top - Bottom: Avon, Stila
As you can see the Avon is more of a true black, where as the Stila has a slight blue undertone (not as much as my wrist tattoo it seems...) but this makes no different on the eye, you can't notice it but it may help make the whites of your eyes look brighter? I can neither confirm not deny but do feel free if you can.

The Avon eyeliner however is quite a bit more creamy than the Stila, depending on what you're looking for in an eyeliner this might be a good thing. For me however, not so much.

The Stila eyeliner is my favourite because it is so long lasting and remains solid and black for the full length of wear, and doesn't smudge. It sets in seconds and you are good to go. The same can't be said for the Avon however, it's so creamy that there is a fair bit of migration and smudging through the day, not quite panda eyes more like late night, skipped a wash eyes... Ew! It seems to remain creamy and doesn't set, if you can devote some time to setting with a black eyeshadow it might not be too bad.

For me £7 is worth it for what I feel like a better eyeliner, but I'm glad to have the Avon in my collection for times where I'm looking for a smudged eye look.

Just for good measure, here's both shades after 5 wipes with a makeup wipe...
 The Avon on the left looking an awful lot more smudged! 

Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading :)