Sunday, 24 March 2013

Third time lucky!

This will be the third time I have tried to start up this blog!...
As you can see, I haven't posted here in quite some time... How very bad of me! Well this time around I hope to stick to it, I always think up reviews and such of products I buy and I want very much to share my thoughts with others.

Okay, so why do I want to blog so bad?
I don't have any friends to share my interest (read obsession) in makeup and beauty with! I also work full time and it would be nice to come home and have something productive to do, blogging is a healthy hobby right?
Also, I buy so many makeup items that, well; I need an excuse! Ha!

So why do I keep failing?
Well first attempt failed because I lost my job at the time, I was currently working towards a degree in Arts and Humanities and I just wasn't able to commit to a blog! Since then, I have given up with higher education (at least for now) and have more free time to focus on myself!
My second attempt failed because I posted a blog post about my very much loved and adored puppy, who then died only a couple of weeks later! :(
This broke my heart and I saw it as a bad omen, hence no more blog!

I feel like I am now at a time in my life where I no longer need to just read blogs, I want one of my own! My own little area to get beauty thoughts and rambles off my chest!

I hope you enjoy reading! Here goes...