Sunday, 5 May 2013

Avon SuperShock in Black vs. Stila Stingray

A second comparison for those of you who happen to have stumbled upon my corner of the internet this fine day...

So, how does Avon's coveted SuperShock eyeliner in black stock up to my favourite black eyeliner: Stila Stingray?

Swatched next to each other you can see that both are really good black eyeliners, strong colour, creamy and very pigmented (pics are one pass!).

Left - Right: Avon SuperShock black, Stila Stingray
Top - Bottom: Avon, Stila
As you can see the Avon is more of a true black, where as the Stila has a slight blue undertone (not as much as my wrist tattoo it seems...) but this makes no different on the eye, you can't notice it but it may help make the whites of your eyes look brighter? I can neither confirm not deny but do feel free if you can.

The Avon eyeliner however is quite a bit more creamy than the Stila, depending on what you're looking for in an eyeliner this might be a good thing. For me however, not so much.

The Stila eyeliner is my favourite because it is so long lasting and remains solid and black for the full length of wear, and doesn't smudge. It sets in seconds and you are good to go. The same can't be said for the Avon however, it's so creamy that there is a fair bit of migration and smudging through the day, not quite panda eyes more like late night, skipped a wash eyes... Ew! It seems to remain creamy and doesn't set, if you can devote some time to setting with a black eyeshadow it might not be too bad.

For me £7 is worth it for what I feel like a better eyeliner, but I'm glad to have the Avon in my collection for times where I'm looking for a smudged eye look.

Just for good measure, here's both shades after 5 wipes with a makeup wipe...
 The Avon on the left looking an awful lot more smudged! 

Hope this is helpful and thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Avon Flash vs MUFE 23L eyeliner comparison

So, here we are again. Cross-legged on the sofa, snacks on the go, NerdBook at the ready, Ellie Goulding blasting and for the 500,000 try to write a goddamn blogpost!

Today I thought I'd do a comparison post that may be helpful to anyone with a soft spot for pale, brightening eyeliners.

A short while back I placed a small Avon order including two of the SuperShock eyeliners (£6) that have quite the reputation in the blogosphere! One of which was Flash which takes the shape of a lovely, shimmery, pale pink shade. I placed the order expecting a matte skin colour type shade to brighten the eyes, as that's what the image in the catalogue lead me to believe, however I am not disappointed with the result.

When my order was delivered and I cracked it open, the colour very much reminded my of a shade I already owned. A shade very difficult to get hold of in the UK. A shade over double the price.
Have I got your attention? Good.

The shade I'm comparing it to, initially, is none other than Make Up For Ever's 23L priced at £13.50.

Left - Right: Avon, MUFE

As you can see the two shades don't look too dissimilar... Excellent! Good duping Kelly!
Both are lovely, long lasting creamy shades that add a lovely brightness to the eye. Both can also be easily used as a lid colour or base, I haven't tried either as but I assume once dry the long lasting formula would keep creasing to a minimum.

However, once swatched it becomes obvious that the Avon shade is a lighter, much more pink colour where the MUFE is a more of a peachy, champagne.

Left - Right: MUFE, Avon

I have to say, while the MUFE has more lasting power, on the eye the Avon is the more brightening shade the MUFE is a little more subtle, however if you've been lusting the MUFE shade Avon may well have a suitable replacement for you leaving cash spare for an ASDA curry for two! Score!

Here's a picture I took of the two shades after five wipes with a makeup wipe to show the lasting power:

And just for good measure, here's the two swatched with a few other shades I love:
Top - Bottom:
Illamasqua Glister, Benefit High Brow Glow, Stila Topaz, Avon Flash, MUFE 23L.

Left - Right: MUFE, Avon, Stila, Benefit.

Left - Right: MUFE,  Avon, Stila, Benefit, Illamasqua. 

As above, with flash.

So there you have it! Hope it was helpful, Kelly x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Third time lucky!

This will be the third time I have tried to start up this blog!...
As you can see, I haven't posted here in quite some time... How very bad of me! Well this time around I hope to stick to it, I always think up reviews and such of products I buy and I want very much to share my thoughts with others.

Okay, so why do I want to blog so bad?
I don't have any friends to share my interest (read obsession) in makeup and beauty with! I also work full time and it would be nice to come home and have something productive to do, blogging is a healthy hobby right?
Also, I buy so many makeup items that, well; I need an excuse! Ha!

So why do I keep failing?
Well first attempt failed because I lost my job at the time, I was currently working towards a degree in Arts and Humanities and I just wasn't able to commit to a blog! Since then, I have given up with higher education (at least for now) and have more free time to focus on myself!
My second attempt failed because I posted a blog post about my very much loved and adored puppy, who then died only a couple of weeks later! :(
This broke my heart and I saw it as a bad omen, hence no more blog!

I feel like I am now at a time in my life where I no longer need to just read blogs, I want one of my own! My own little area to get beauty thoughts and rambles off my chest!

I hope you enjoy reading! Here goes...