Thursday, 18 April 2013

Avon Flash vs MUFE 23L eyeliner comparison

So, here we are again. Cross-legged on the sofa, snacks on the go, NerdBook at the ready, Ellie Goulding blasting and for the 500,000 try to write a goddamn blogpost!

Today I thought I'd do a comparison post that may be helpful to anyone with a soft spot for pale, brightening eyeliners.

A short while back I placed a small Avon order including two of the SuperShock eyeliners (£6) that have quite the reputation in the blogosphere! One of which was Flash which takes the shape of a lovely, shimmery, pale pink shade. I placed the order expecting a matte skin colour type shade to brighten the eyes, as that's what the image in the catalogue lead me to believe, however I am not disappointed with the result.

When my order was delivered and I cracked it open, the colour very much reminded my of a shade I already owned. A shade very difficult to get hold of in the UK. A shade over double the price.
Have I got your attention? Good.

The shade I'm comparing it to, initially, is none other than Make Up For Ever's 23L priced at £13.50.

Left - Right: Avon, MUFE

As you can see the two shades don't look too dissimilar... Excellent! Good duping Kelly!
Both are lovely, long lasting creamy shades that add a lovely brightness to the eye. Both can also be easily used as a lid colour or base, I haven't tried either as but I assume once dry the long lasting formula would keep creasing to a minimum.

However, once swatched it becomes obvious that the Avon shade is a lighter, much more pink colour where the MUFE is a more of a peachy, champagne.

Left - Right: MUFE, Avon

I have to say, while the MUFE has more lasting power, on the eye the Avon is the more brightening shade the MUFE is a little more subtle, however if you've been lusting the MUFE shade Avon may well have a suitable replacement for you leaving cash spare for an ASDA curry for two! Score!

Here's a picture I took of the two shades after five wipes with a makeup wipe to show the lasting power:

And just for good measure, here's the two swatched with a few other shades I love:
Top - Bottom:
Illamasqua Glister, Benefit High Brow Glow, Stila Topaz, Avon Flash, MUFE 23L.

Left - Right: MUFE, Avon, Stila, Benefit.

Left - Right: MUFE,  Avon, Stila, Benefit, Illamasqua. 

As above, with flash.

So there you have it! Hope it was helpful, Kelly x

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