Tuesday, 1 March 2011

First blog post

Hello, I'm Kelly and I should be studying right now (about historical Benin :p) but I decided to start blogging :)

It's my birthday tomorrow (19 eeek) so what better than a wish list :)

1. Chanel soleil tan de Chanel


I want this bronzer so bad :( I've swatched many a time and I need this baby, but since I don't use bronzer everyday I can't justify it, although maybe I would wear it if I owned this... ;)

2. Benefit Bella Bamba


I don't own a benefit box o blush because of the price, but I think this one might be worth it, or it's equivalent in boots advantage points haha

3. MAC kissable lip colour in love peck


I was so excited about Peacocky (i blame Temptalia haha) and I fell in love with this! I actually know I will be getting this tomorrow because my better half ordered it for me (and more ;)) for my birthday, but he let me try this when the order arrived and I love it! Its the dark lip ive been searching for and it bloody well lasted all day! the wait is killing me!

4. Botanics facial brush (or any facial brush for that matter)

Not what i want, but ya'know...

I have been looking for a manual facial brush for so long and cannot find one! I struck gold when I read a review on makeup savvy on the Botanics facial brush, from BOOTS of all places, but I just can't find it :( the two boots near me stock every other Botanics brush, but not the facial one and that makes me sad :(

5. Avene Cleanance K


Again another product my nearest Boots don't stock :( I use the cleanance daily moisturiser, but I've heard some good reviews on this and I want it, preferably on three for two and double points (a girl can dream). Hhhmmmm.

6. Lancome craze colour design palette in Taupe Craze and Coral Crush


B-E-A-UTIFUL! These eye shadow palettes aren't available in the UK yet, but trust me, the second I can get my grubby little hands on them I will!

7. Louise Young eye shadow brushes


After seeing these so often in Pixiwoo videos, i need these brushes and i think ive narrowed it down to the LY38 & LY38A and the LY13 :)

I could go on, but I think thats a good place to stop and write another blog post get on with my essay.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed :)


  1. Hi! Welcome to the world of blogging!

    I love Benefit blushers but I wasn't impressed with Bella Bamba but it might be because it is soooo different to their other ones as it's 3d or whatever they're calling it! x

  2. Really nice first post and Happy Birthday for tomorrow...(I really wish I could go back to being 19 again, heading towards 23 is just boring!).

    Also thanks for the little with the Botanics Facial Brush - it really is fab... hope you can find it in maybe a different Boots.

    Love the look of the Lancome Taupe Craze palette!

    Fee x

  3. Welcome to bloggin hun xx I too wish i could go back to 19 ! enjoy your birthday x

    Im new too would love you to check out mine


  4. Thanks for the comments guys :) and thanks for the support :)

    @Karla - ah fair enough :( ive swatched it and i like it, but its so hard to spend almost £25 on a blush i wont wear every day

    @Makeup Savvy - Thanks :) and i hope i can find it too, theres no way im buying a clarisonic haha

    @Honey - Thankyou :) and good luck :) i've checked out and im following you :)